#3 Stockholm’s Best and Worst

Hola chicos,

This week, I wanted to share with you the best and the worst of Stockholm in Sweden where I spent a weekend not so long ago.

My top 3

1. It’s fika time!

Fika with your best friend in one of the numerous Expresso House, the local Starbucks, with their cosy decoration, their hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows and their tasty kanelbullars 😋

2. Djurgårdsvägen

Walking along Djurgårdsvägen among all those amazing properties and statues, so close yet so isolated from the animated and lovely Gamla Stan (which deserves its own walk for sure!).

3. ABBA museum

Dancing, singing and being a pop star at the ABBA museum: this interactive exhibition inside the ABBA hotel highlights the rising careers of the four members of this iconic Swedish pop band, from their solo beginnings to the formation of the 1974 Eurovision winner until the separation in 1982.

The worst 

Stockholm definitely conquered my heart! However, if there were one experience that I should just warn you from not doing, it would be the Ice Bar: super touristy, super expensive and super small, just a super deceptive place. It may benefit from a certain hype on Instagram, it’s definitely not worth going unless you want to be fooled like I was.

Thanks for reading chicos!

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Besitos and see you next week! 

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