#2 Why wouldn’t you spend more fika time?

Hola chicos! 

Last weekend, I had the chance to go visit my best friend in Stockholm. Such a nice city, a wonderful network of public transportation, an archipelago of lovely islands… At that time of the year, the weather is still quite snowy and cold but what a blast it would be during the summer! 

Within such a hostile climate, Swedish people adapted their lifestyle and homes to sweeten their everyday life. 

Fika is one of those habits Swedish people succeeded in introducing into their lives.

Fika is about taking some time out of the everyday stress.

Fika is about sharing.

Fika is about spending some time with someone you like – a good friend, your grandma or even your boss – around a good coffee mug and some pastries.

I’ve said coffee because fika comes from kaffe, the drink the Swedish people consume more in the world after the Finnish, but it can be literally any hot drink or something that warms your heart and cheers you up.

The best combo would definitely be to pick a kanelbullar, this traditional Swedish snail-shaped cinnamon roll that is just DE-LIGHT-FUL 😋

But actually Fika can take place at any time of the day, with whoever you want, wherever you want, be sweet or savoury, the only thing that matters is you taking this time off from our way too excited world, putting your phone aside and talking about what you have on your plate at the moment . Just simply coming back to the social essence of the human being 🙂

And you know what? This is damn good! You feel relieved, listened and even more connected with your alter ego. Who is still wondering why the Swedish people are one of the happiest people on the Earth?

I fika and you, what are you waiting for to start fika? 😘

Thanks for reading chicos!

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