Discover the secrets of the Applied Innovation Exchange of San Francisco

Today, let’s dive into the amazing place and space I am working at: the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) of San Francisco!

It is not a regular AIE. Indeed, it is the flagship of the AIE global platform.

There are 11 AIEs in the world and 3 more are to be opened this year.

The Applied Innovation Exchange answers to a real need for new technological opportunities to be experienced by clients to get these new technologies into their business. It helps them:

  • Explore the innovation landscape
  • Contextualize opportunities within their business
  • Experiment with new concepts and ideas
  • De-risk innovation efforts

To make sure we keep aligned with our goals, we defined Applied Innovation Principles, that are gathered in our Manifesto.

The San Francisco AIE space is a real incarnation of the Applied Innovation experience that is lead within the AIEs.

Its design was a common work of both Gensler and the AIE teams to make sure it serves the purpose of the AIE.

They wanted it to help break out the envelope, to be a hackable space that everyone could own and where everyone could live a real innovative experience of work.

The AIE is divided into 4 spaces that represent the 4 steps of the Applied Innovation Experience:


The first step of the process, essential to define the need and the scope of the project. Discover sector pivots, explore new business models, immerse in emerging technology, and define action plans to drive change are the goals.

This is also the place where I work, right by the street and the sun, with my amazing colleagues!

And it is always a pleasure to have a little snack, coffee or glass of La Croix sparkling water at our nearby so welcoming Café!


Rapidly build, test, and learn – experiment with emerging concepts to test value for business in this spacious plenary room with its interactive screens and whiteboards.





Scale innovation to deliver ‘enterprise grade’ business outcomes that can scale across the entire enterprise in the space where we showcase our state-of-the-art VR, AR, blockchain… demos!









Create structure for innovation (e.g., funding models, governance) or deliver innovation as a service.



Residency Program and Startup Incubation

The San Francisco AIE also welcomes two special guests.



One is a top-tier French banking group, Crédit Agricole, that decided to take part in the AIE residency program: having two permanent CA associates join the AIE team for at least 6 months and experience the innovation at the heart of the Silicon Valley.




The other one is a young German startup Franka Emika that develops a human-friendly intuitively programmable cobot. They earned to be host in the AIE, to meet our partners and to share the strength of the Capgemini Experience with its own collaborators.


francaemicaThe James Bond Room

The final room I wanted to introduce you to is the one we call the James Bond Room. Only few people are aware of it. You have to be granted special access to get into it and reveal this space hidden in the wall.

It is the place where we stage meetings that require more privacy within the team and our partners. I hope you’ll have the occasion to visit it!

If you do not, you can still take the virtual tour of the AIE here 😉 Enjoy!

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