What’s Now San Francisco

Last Thursday, the day just after I landed in the Bay (happy jet lag!), I got the chance to participate to one of the events the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange organizes monthly: What’s Now San Francisco!

The concept of the event is pretty simple: gathering influencers of a specific sector around a great talk, great food and smart networking.


Thursday’s theme was the space industry and it was just thrilling.

We had the chance to get the testimony of Jonny Dyer, a Stanford Mechanical engineering graduate that worked both for Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin before taking part into Skybox Imaging which was later on bought by Google.

From asteroids mining to the Kessler Syndrome and nuclear thermal rockets, Jonny highlighted the hot topics the space industry is about to deal with.

space 2.0A great lesson that I learnt is that agility proved to be a great innovation provider. Space industry tended to become quite conservative because of the risks it involved but, it found the path back towards innovation taking more risks and deciding to iterate rather than produce too sophisticated, time-consuming and costly systems.

Why analyzing it during 10 years while you can fire it in 3 years and have 3 more versions of it ?

Here is the link to the event broadcast. Enjoy !

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